11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If some women have no symptoms of pregnancy like vomiting then it will be normal?

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Answer: Not all women felt pregnancy symptoms,some may not have any symptoms like vomiting. some may not feel hungry and some women feels bloating.
Answer: yes it's normal..
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Question: My pregnancy result is positive but i have no symptoms of pregnancy like vomiting,nausea
Answer: Hi dear congratulation.u r some of those lucky mom who actually njoy the pregnancy. So do use ururprivilege and eat well so that ur baby get a proper growth and u will not feel fatigue.
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Question: If no vomiting means pregnancy will be normal na
Answer: It is ok...every pregnancy is different and so is the body of every woman. Some women feel morning sickness and some feel nothing. It is normal not to feel like vomiting.
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Question: I have no pregnancy symptoms like vomiting, nausea, etc? Why??
Answer: Hi dear,pregnancy symptoms are not same for all women it is different from women to women no need to worry
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