1 months old baby

Question: If my breasts not feeling before feed means is my milk supply is low

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Answer: No once you start feeding ur child the flow starts just be calm and eat right will help u produce milk for your child.
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Question: My breasts are not feeling full before feeding,that means my milk supply decreased???
Answer: If the baby is taking sufficient milk then breast may not feel much heavier but yes if you're lacking in diet then sometimes milk supply may reduce so have healthy and nutritious diet such as fenugreek, milk, almond, milk products garlic cloves which helps to increase breastmilk and feed your baby often which helps for milk production
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Question: If period comes early does it means that u have low milk supply? Does period affects milk supply?
Answer: Hello, Dear yes, having your period can affect your milk supply, but you can take calcium/magnesium supplements to regulate it. Some women experience a drop in milk supply from ovulation (mid-cycle) until the first day or two of the next menstrual period. A woman's blood calcium levels gradually decrease during this period of time, and for some women the drop in blood calcium causes a drop in milk supply. For women who have this problem, calcium/magnesium supplements may be helpful. 
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Question: How to know that breast Milk is enough to my baby. If baby not sleep does it means low Milk supply
Answer: Hi. If hour baby is gaining enough weight and peeing 10+ times in a day then it means that baby is having enough milk.
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