1 months old baby

Question: If mother eats Vitamin D rich food does baby gets Vitamin D ?

2 Answers
Answer: Yes surely baby will get through milk as whatever mother eat or drink is provided to baby through milk. So you need to maintain a healthy diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated as this will help baby.
Answer: Hi dear while breastfeeding it wil not happen but yes breast milk contains all required neutrition. If doctoe advise u foe the drop then do start giving it.
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Question: My baby is 18 months. He has deficiency of vitamin D as per his blood test. Please suggest me food for him which are rich in vitamin D.
Answer: Give him vitamin d3 drops 1ml daily In food items start vit d fortified milk egg yolk n cheese in small amount... Most important is sit with your baby in sunlight and cover his eyes n genetilia with cotton clothes and give him morning sunrays..
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Question: Does deficiency of vitamin D in mother ..effects the baby?
Answer: Hi, yes it effect the baby. You can consult your Dr and take d3 injections. You should also increase calcium rich diet. Have more of milk and milk products. It will help you and your baby too dear
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Question: What are vitamin b12 rich food?
Answer: Hi if you want to consume more B12 then you can find it in fortified foods like soy or soy milk, fish, poultry, eggs and milk.
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