4 months old baby

Question: if 5 months baby weighing 8.5kgs, is he over weighing? is it over growth?

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Answer: no .it's Good
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Question: 15 months old baby weighing 8.5kgs only, doesn't eat at all, really very concerned about it, seems to be underweight, opinions and suggestions would be very helpful .
Answer: Hii there.. A 15 months old baby can weigh in between 8.8 kgs to 13.7 depending on the baby's borth weight.. to increase the weight you can try feeding banana daily.. u can also try ragi malt.. u can include jaggery for added taste.. ragi malt strengthens the bones.. if your doctor suggests above milk i.e., cow milk r buffalo milk then u can try pediasure which will improve baby's weight...
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