30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If loops of cord around the neck is present...then what to do..it is denger ???

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Answer: Hi.. Don't worry, your baby is not in danger, even if the umbilical cold, is wrapped around the baby 's neck. Because the cord around the neck doesn't restrict the oxygen supply in the baby because they get the oxygen from the cord. You don't have to do anything, just relax and take proper rest, in case of any kind of discomfort, talk to your doctor.
Answer: One loop is fine, normal delivery is posible. If doctor is well experience , normal delivery is posible even with two loops. Sometimes due to baby movements also loops problem gets solved.
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Question: Two loops of cord around the neck ! It mean ?
Answer: hi dear! so 2 loops means that the cord is around the baby's neck and it rotated 2 times. you might have to undergo c section based on your baby's heart beats as this cord if 2 times it can be a little tight and doing vaginal delivery in this is not a good option. and we want that your baby comes out good and healthy so dont worry if its by c section or by vaginal delivery. and dont worry your baby is fine inside and there is no problem with 2 cords around . take care dear. and dont worry about it.
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Question: Loops of cord around the neck.... Is it normal..what type of delivery it indicates
Answer: Hello same problem I had in my first daughter delivery.. Cord around the neck to my baby and it was a C sec for me. Now u r in 37 weeks still you have two more weeks for delivery.. Don't worry some may leave the cord nearing to delivery and some baby may not.. So kindly check with your doctor and scan so that u may know the cord is around the neck or not..
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Question: Two loops of cord seen around the neck in scanning it is dangerous to baby
Answer: Hie Double loop around neck isn't unusual during pregnancy a scan would be required to judge  how loose around  neck is the cord and accordingly delivery options are considered It requires to be closely monitored You need to visit your gynaclogist every alternative day Observe your babys movement every 3-4 hours There should be 10 movement a day
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