38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If It is baby girl we carry 9months completely and above,if it is baby boy, middle of the 9month only we will get deliver?

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Answer: It is just a myth no reality in it. From my on experience i am saying.
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Question: Hi.. Am 37 weeks pregnant. Is it like if its a boy baby we will deliver 15 days before due and if its a girl baby we wud deliver just a week bfre??
Answer: Hi! These are all myth dear, there is no proven fact of these speculations. Please dont pay heed to all these baseless speculations. Good luck!
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Question: If the heartbeat of the baby is above 160 is it baby girl?
Answer: It’s a common pregnancy myth that if the expectant mother is having a girl if the baby’s heart rate is 140 bpm or above, and a fetal heart rate lower than 140 bpm is a boy. If you would like to know the gender of your baby before giving birth, your best bet is on an ultrasound image. Even then, the ultrasound technician cannot say with 100 percent certainty that you will be giving birth to a boy or a girl.
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Question: All r my friends told boy baby will born soon.. and girl baby will get some time.. is it true ..If it is possible to birth boy baby..
Answer: Its completly wrong in my case..my first one was born in 38th week...2nd one born in 41st week...both r boys...
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Question: Is its true that if heart beat below 140 is boy and above 140 will have girl baby??
Answer: Hi No its not true..There is no possibility for determining the sex based on heart rate but only some prediction s are available for that..but its may true or not.the prediction says the heart beat slower than 140 beats per minutes indicate maleboy,and faster heart beat indicates femaleboy..but its only confirmed by the ultrasound only at 18-22 pregnancy..
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