28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If i move i am getting pubic bone pain ...what can be done

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Answer: Hello Dear mild pain in pelvid region is because of yur growing baby as he grows the pressure builds up on yur pelvis. It is considered a healthy sign as it can be termed a healthy pregnancy. It shows that yur baby is developing we'll both mentally and physically. Dear these pain of baby movement are mild and needs to beared but if yu have unbearable pain with cramping and bleeding then yu should meet yur gynaecologist immediately. Take care
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Question: Feeling tired and pubic pain what can be done
Answer: Hello dear It is normal to feel tired as your body works to protect and nurture the developing baby. The placenta is just forming, your body is making more blood, and your heart is pumping faster because of which u feel tired. It is normal to feel pain and a bit heaviness in vagina. It's not just the third trimester when those aches and general feelings of heaviness may strike but u can feel it in ur entire pregnancy. Remedies for vaginal pain: 1. Rinsing the area with cool water. 2. Soaking in cool or warm baths. 3. Using topical ice packs wrapped in a towel. 4. Heating pad use, may help some women. 5. Using mild, unscented soaps and detergent.
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Question: Its aching at my pubic bone what can be done
Answer: Hello! Pubic bone pain in pregnancy is fairly common. pregnancy, the hormone relaxin causes the pelvis, particularly at the pubic bone, to loosen. In general, this is a good thing as it makes birth easier for mom and baby. However, sometimes the separation is exaggerated and can become quite painful for the mother at the end of pregnancy or in the early postpartum period. For some women, certain movements can be painful. In particular, getting out of bed, getting into the bathtub or car, putting on pants, sitting for long stretches, or performing repetitive tasks are signs that u may be experiencing pain. A flexible belt or binder works better than a rigid one. This can also help you prevent further injury from having a less stable pelvis. This may help in the long term. While it may be time intensive, many say it's worth it. You could also ask for advice on what you could do at home, to decrease your visits to the office. Avoid situations that cause pain. For example, sit down to put pants on, or sit on the side of the tub and swing over both legs together. It is best to avoid standing for long periods of time. If you must stand, wear sensible shoes and try to move around, even if this means you simply shift from foot to foot every so often. You can also use a small stool or box to prop a foot up as you stand. Heat can be a source of pain relief. Use a rice sock or hot water bottle to help provide moist heat to your pelvis. This is perfectly safe and does not involve medications. It can also be done multiple times a day. Certain forms of exercise can help. But ask ur doctor.
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Question: Hello....m getting pubic bone pain n m getting it if i sleep n wake up otherwise there is no pain while walking and sitting...is it normal? What can be done to relieve from it
Answer: It's normal, ur pubic bone get relaxing for delivery.
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