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Question: If I have stone in my uretor is there any problem in conceiving for baby.

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Answer: Hi dear, It's better to treat it first prior to conception.why to complicate the things further.though conception won't be effected,but it could indirectly give you trouble.
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Question: I have a gallblidder stone and I am pregnant now if there is any problem for my baby or me
Answer: Pregnant women who already have gallstones run a higher risk that these stones will block the release of the bile. The problem in detecting the beginning of gallbladder disease during pregnancy is that the symptoms may be confused with morning sickness.Depending on the symptoms, people who have gallstones may not need treatment, or they may need to take medication or have surgery to remove their gallbladder. If the stones are in the bile ducts, they usually need to be removed by endoscopy You can also avoid high fat content foods as it may effect your gallstones.
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Question: I have a stone in my right kidney(4mm size).is there any problem for getting pregnant?
Answer: Kidney stone is very common during pregnancy. Minerals, protein high level develop the stone. Additional calcium is also a reason of stone during pregnancy. One of the most common ways to deal with kidney stones while pregnant is to drink more water. eat fruits with high water content like watermelons, peaches, melons and blueberries. Another natural remedy for kidney stones lemon juice. Lemons have natural properties that can help break down moderate-sized kidney stones. Lemon juice is safe and effective and is often combined with olive oil to break down mineral stones faster. Patients are also recommended to eat asparagus ( stavari, ek tarah ka saag,) .
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Question: I have gall bladder there any problem to get pregnant with gb stone?
Answer: Hi Dear! Gall stone doesnt hamper or affect planning, but since you knw u hv a gall stone i wud suggest that to be treated first and then plan fr pregnancy.. Having a lot of water will deffinitely help you to get rid of that along with medication. Hope this helps!
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