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Question: If i have hsg problem or follobian tube is not clear .....can i got peroid monthly on time....or peroid will not come???

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Answer: Hi! If there is a blockage in fallopian tube it wont affect your periods but you will face problems in conceiving. Hsg is a bit uncomfortable procedure but not too painful,they inject a dye into the tubes and check for blockages by x-ray.I went along with a v ckise friend for procedure got into bus and came home, a small block was cleared due to the dye insertion and she got pregnant immediately after that. There is no harm in getting hsg done infact would be helpful to know the real problem if at all..And its not that painful as its written on internet. Its done to see if there is any fallopian tube blockages present. HSG could also wash away minor blocks, if any. Hope this helps!
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Question: My left side tube is not there i have i tube only so i will not get problem na during pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear ,not at all, the fallopian tube helps the ovum to reach uterus after fertilization As your already pregnant there is no function of the tube now. So don't worry is not going to have for you pregnancy anyhow. take care .
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Question: can i got normal delivery..... if the baby is lying on the belly or not
Answer: Hii congrats for ur last week of pregnancy. Till date u have felt ur baby inside and now it is a time to hug ur baby soon. u can get normal delivery definitely. Baby take the position while delivery so u don't have to worry. Just stay stress free. Dats very important. Stay active and eat well. All the best.
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Question: Last peroid was on 25 feb today is 23 march i have not got period so m pregnant
Answer: hi dear, you should wait for your miss period and after 3-4 days take a pregnancy test to get a confirm result. taking test before time can cause anegative & wrong result.
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