7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If I feel to have sweet there is a girl baby is it right ??

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Answer: According to old wive tales it is ryt
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Question: is it true that if we crave for sweet its a boy and sour its a girl
Answer: hi, it is absolutely a myth and nothing to do with realities. Boyfriend or girl are dependent on the X and Y chromosome. Hence, just enjoy the pregnancy
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Question: If the baby is right side of the utres it is a boy .if it is left side of the utres it a girl .is it correct
Answer: We cannot predict if it is boy or girl by their position dear. Sometime u will feel the kick on both side at same time. Wait fr the surprise all d best
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Question: if left side head is there means is it a girl baby
Answer: Cannot say by that... but mine was left head during first pregnancy and it turned out to be my little princess...😃
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