2 months old baby

If i don't feed for 6 - 7 hrs is it ok, bcz baby sleeps for so much time during night

Baby wakeup when they want to hungry...my baby also like that ....don't worry dear..it's perfectly ok for her
No, it's normally not OK, u should wake up child everyone 2 hours once and u should feed the baby.
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Question: My baby sleeps for around 3 to 4 hrs or sometimes 5 hrs. Is it OK if I feed my baby during that time
Answer: Its necessary to feed the baby every two hours so that the baby won't get dehydrated. Try to wake up the baby and feed him/her. Regular feeding alone will increase qeight
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Question: Hi..... my baby sleeps 5-6 hrs at a stretch during night time..... I try to wake her to feed.......is ok if she doesn't have enough milk during the time
Answer: It is safe. She is not hungry and hence she doesn't wake up. Let her have sound sleep at night and wake up at her own convenience and later feed her when she wakes up. She will take good amount of feed at one go after waking up. In case you want to feed her at night, don't wake her up. Just feed her in sleep. If she is hungry, she will take the feed by her own. I do the same for my baby
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Question: My baby sleeps night time 6 to 7 hours nonstop. Is it ok?
Answer: No problem let the baby sleep. If the baby is hungry he will cry for milk. You can also sleep well during those times.
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