39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If hapatitis b vaccine is missing with 24 hr. Then what should i do

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Question: These days I am craving for earthen pot. Is this because of some deficiency. If yes then what should I do
Answer: Are you taking calcium and iron tablets? Please do.. and also include milk/curd/paneer etc in your diet nd eggs too if you don't mind..
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Question: My blood group is b negetive...what should I do ....
Answer: They will do blood test for baby blood group to identify antigens and if required they will suggest some medicine. Consult your gynae
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Question: I have migrane. Doctor said if there is headache then I should take paracetamol...but from past 1 week I am having headache and paracetamol is not at all working. What should I do? Please suggest.
Answer: Dear you try to sit in sun rays daily atleast 10 to 15 mins.. It will definitely work.. And try homoeopathic Medicines
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