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Question: If folic acid taken is the reason for weight increasing mam??

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Answer: Folic acid is for vomit controling.. during pregncy our body produce acid tht med is control for that
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Question: what is the reason of acrania.. ?? if folic acid reports are normal.
Answer: Acrania is a rare congenital disorder that occurs in the human fetus in which the flat bones in the cranial vault are either completely or partially absent The fetus is said to suffer from acrania if it meets the following criteria: the fetus should have a perfectly normal facial bone, a normal cervical column but without the fetal skull and a volume of brain tissue equivalent to at least one third of the normal brain size. It is due to 1. genetically 2.Amniotic band syndrome During amniotic band syndrome (ABS) fibrous bands may entrap various parts of the developing fetus causing malformations.
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Question: What should be the folic acid dose to be taken if u r planning to conceive
Answer: Hi. Please consult your doctor regardind this. As they would prescribe you dose after seening your condition and doing tests.
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Question: For how long can folic acid supplement is taken?
Answer: As suggested by your doctor dear. It's important for overall developments of the baby.
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