35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: IF Doctor told me that your delivery is done by c section than can I make c section at any time after 36 week pls tell

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Answer: Try to complete till 38weeks if ur medical health condition permits...
Answer: Yes u can
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Question: If your first delivery is by C section are der possibilities that second can be normal
Answer: Hi dear, Mostly previous c section delivery,would make the normal delivery next time difficult.the successive delivery post c sections are mostly c section only.VBAC is what it is called.vaginal birth after C section.if everything looks good with your reports,doctors will monitor you more closely during your labour if you've had a caesarean before. This is because of a risk of the scar from your last caesarean tearing during contractions,utrene rupture,which is very very rear but possible.
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Question: Hello this is my second pregnancy first is doing by c_section . Doctor told me my second pregnancy also doing by c section . But I want to normal delivery is it any possibility to done normal after c- section.?
Answer: It depends on how deep your previous scars are dear because it’s a major abdominal operation. you should give atleast 2 to 3yrs gap frm your precious delivery. normal is possible but there are factors to help you and your doctor decide if it's right for you.If you try to have a vaginal birth and you're at high risk of complications, it can cause serious problems for you and your baby some even life-threatening.please talk your doctor regarding this she can help you better.take care
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Question: By date am 2 month pregnant ,, but when my scanning in done than doctor tell me it's your 6 week
Answer: Mam scanning bby ki concieve day se growth dikhati hai thats why apko week kam show ho rahe hoge...
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