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Question: If development of baby is good but hcg level is low then is it to be worried about?

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Answer: At which week you are talking about because your profile is showing planning for pregnancy. After first trimester gradually beta HCG level will settle down. If fetal growth is fine but which level is less or decreasing that indicates there is chance of miscarriage and you need hormonal medicinal support to continue this pregnancy.
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    Hemali Bhogaita2 days ago

    Im 5 weeks pregnant

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Question: Hi everyone am 37 weeks pregnant mother my aminotic fluid index is 9.1 so water level is less? If water level is low it is difficult for normal delivery? I'm worried of this.. if I increase water level in 1 or 2 weeks it will be good?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear there s time in ur delivery so dont worry dear in this time afi should be between 11 to 14 so dear take eight to ten glass water daily nd three to four ltr liquids daily its helpful in increasing afi level take buttermilk coconut water lemonate nd fresh fruit juices too nd take fruits nd vegetables which r high content water .try it dear .
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Question: Amh level is 2.34 is it good or low ???
Answer: Within four it considered in range . Ovarian reserve is there and you can expect natural pregnancy. You should take supplements to support your health condition to increase your chances of pregnancy..
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Question: Is it ok to have fish even if i am having low lying placenta? If yes then which fish type is good to have?
Answer: Yes you can eat non-veg like fish egg or chicken if you have low lying placenta but avoid early and spicy preparations. Freshwater fishes are fine to eat, avoid sea fish.
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