3 months old baby

If breastmilk is not sufficient what we have to use for baby ..a cow milk or prepared milk

Hello dear. You'll have to use formula milk if breast milk is not sufficient. Cows milk can be given only after 1 year. Take care.
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Question: Which one is best for baby formula milk or cow milk if mother's milk is not sufficient for baby
Answer: Formula milk should be given to baby if mothers milk is not sufficient. Cow milk should be given only after baby is 1 year old
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Question: If breast milk is not sufficient for a baby??
Answer: Dear if you want then you can give baby formula milk in night for full tummy and a good sleep. For increasing lactation feed your baby more frequently because that will stimulate your hormones and more milk will produce. You can add fenugreek, oats , carrots , carom seeds and cumin in your diet as these food items help increase lactation. also before feeding your baby do some hot compress on your breast that will also help increase the flow...
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Question: if milk is not sufficient for baby, wt to do?
Answer: Hi ma'am if your breastmilk is not sufficent to baby I would suggest you to start formula milk... Till 6 months only BM and FM can be given to baby nothing other than this... Take care
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