3 months old baby

Question: If breast feeding moms are wear a bra or not it's.. any causes

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Answer: Hello.. Dear it is advisable to wear brazier during feeding, it prevent breast from sagging, you can go for maternity brazier will be better
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Question: I m not wearing bra. My breasts are sagging due to breastfeeding. If i wear a bra milk is not coming and gets clogged. So i m not wearing bra. Is there any suggestions or solution?
Answer:  Milk clogging and neither the supply gets affected by wearing bra . So better try to use best fit bra. Not too tight not too loose. Yes breast sagging happens when you stop breastfeeding there are no. Of exercises that you can do. But as of now please don't stop wearing bra.it's important and try to buy best nursing bra. They have support for feeding and you can remove the front aerola space with a button so no clogging issue as well.
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Question: is it necessary to wear bra during breast feeding??
Answer: Hello dear... yes,you can wear brazier during feeding,will prevent from sagging ,can go for feeding bra will be convinient...
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Question: I wanted to knw if i cn wear sports bra while i m breast feeding.if i wear liise bra n wear tshirt i luk more fat n breast luks shapeless.does wearing sports bra or tight bra stops milk supply?
Answer: Hello! No it doesn't stop the breast milk. Just make sure that the bra u are using is good and giving proper support to the breast. Take care
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Question: Shall i wear feeding bra while feeding baby?? R not
Answer: Yes dear, they are very convenient and helpful I too wear feeding bra while breastfeeding my baby. So do wear that...
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