37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If blood pressure high means normal delivery is possible ??

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Answer: Normal delivery is avoided with high blood pressure.
Answer: BP should be normal for normal delivery.
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Question: I have polycystic overy , high blood pressure & thyroid...is it possible to opt for normal delivery?
Answer: Hello! It is difficult to have a normal delivery in case of high blood pressure. Also there are other factors to be seen. But high bp can be problem in a normal delivery. Take care
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Question: I have high blood pressure then is it possible normal delivery!!???
Answer: Dear it is quite early to say if normal delivery is possible at this stage. And bp can be controlled with good diet and medication. Though yes you may face complication if the bp remains high in 40 weeks at the time of delivery. For High BP you need to start Walking if still not started that to atleast 30 minutes and exercise regularly. Exercise is one of the best things you can do to lower high blood pressure but they have to done under the supervision of a certified trainer and should be recommended by your doctor. Also reducing your sodium i. e salt intake. You should be eating more potassium-rich foods. caffeine should be avoided. Stress isn't good for you try doing meditation for that. Hope this helps.
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Question: High blood pressure During pregnancy normal delivery possible or not
Answer: Hi If BP is too high on due date then doctors ll not go for normal delivery as it has complication in it.... To reduce bp just avoid salty and oily foods and also teduce salt to half amount in food than what you use in your daily routine also do take 3-4 soaked almonds daily to reduce bp..
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