2 months old baby

Question: if baby sleeps on by the tummy side is that ok and is it made any impact on baby health

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Answer: No sleeping on stomach will not impact on baby health but since baby is very small nose might stick or block. So you need to be very careful..just 2 months is very small to sleep on stomach. Whenever baby turns you turn again on back.
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Question: Is it ok if 5 months old baby sleeps on his right side and sometimes sleeps on stomach. Pls advise.
Answer: Hello dear, no problem baby can sleep right, left and back side. But sleeps on stomach is not a safe side. Because when your baby sleeps stomach side after feeding. Can't digest milk easily and put pressure on tummy make her nauseous. So better to when baby sleeps that position, let her turn back. Hope it helped, Take care ur little one...
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Question: My baby always sleeps on her chest. Is it ok for her health
Answer: It is safe because u r giving body warmath to ur baby slowly he will he will stop sleeping on chest in certain age
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Question: Cord around neck. 31 weeks pregnant. Will it have any impact on baby health??
Answer: Hi dear a single loop of cord around baby's neck is very common and please do not worry much about it because if it is a single loop then the baby can still slow down and a normal delivery is possible but if there are two or more loops of cord around the neck of the baby then it needs to be a C section .. Hope this helps!
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