2 months old baby

Question: If baby passes gas during and after feeding then also its important to take a burp

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Answer: Yes if baby passes gas then also important to burp 10 to 15 min..
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Question: What to do if baby gets hiccups after feeding.. And if d baby doesn't get burp after feeding..And also about gas problem
Answer: Hiccups are very common in months babies.. Burp your atleast 10 to 15 minutes after feeding. Feed your baby when he/she got hiccups and burp her. Babies vll hve gas problem too. No need to worry it vll reduce gradually when the baby grows up
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Question: what to do if baby not burp after feeding and awake after 30 min for burp
Answer: Hi dear, it is common in babies they sleep while doing burp but hold her for few minutes on your shoulder , after feeding one side hold her on your shoulder so that she doesn't sleep and you can make her burp. It is not necessary that everytime baby will burp.
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Question: My baby vomit after feeding.. despite i get him burp after feeding..why he vomit then also?
Answer: Make your baby burp between feeding. The gas can make him vomit even when he is helped to burp at end...
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