4 months old baby

Question: If baby has fever taking third dose vaccination ok

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Answer: OK its normal
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Question: My fourth mnth baby missed third dose.. He will take it aftr 1 week because he has cold is it ok? Taking third dose two weeks late?
Answer: Hello dear, Some of the vaccines may be given as part of a combination vaccine so that a child gets fewer shots. But if u miss any vaccination then it can be harmful as vaccination is given at certain time interval to prevent against certain viruses and infections and thus it is important to give it on time. Better u consult ur doctor.
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Question: If there is any problem in delaying third dose of Pentavalent vaccination for 2 weeks
Answer: Hello dear. There would be no problem, it's ok if it's delayed upto a month also. Take care.
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Question: is it ok to give vaccination if baby has loose motions??
Answer: Nope... Wait until motions reduce.. it's k to postpone vaccination... My baby's doc postponed vaccination shot jus bcoz my baby is not well
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Question: Is it ok to give polio dose to a 8 months baby even if he has cold ?
Answer: Just avoid when baby is sick.... Itz better to take after curing
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