4 months old baby

Question: if babies during the nail cutting blleeding what to do

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Answer: Don't cut baby nails too near. Just cut one edge n remove nail with your fingers.
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Question: What to do if 2 months baby nail pore is little cut while cutting the nails
Answer: Hello It happens alot u can just clean it with an anti septic liquid like detol or preforabling savolon as it's painless. It ll dry on its own. Next time please don't cut in so deep.
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Question: While cutting nail some flesh got cut what to do
Answer: Nothing to worry until it is bleeding continuously, if it is Not bleeding then don't worry it will heal very quickly.☺
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Question: Today while nail cutting of my baby boy finger got cut & blood came So what to do?
Answer: Hi. Best solution during bleeding is to put turmeric. It will immediately stop the flow of blood. And from next time, please be careful. Try to cut baby's nails after bath. The nails would have softened and it will be easier. Hope this helps
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