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Question: If babies born with jaundice or if dey get jaundice 2-3 days after birth ..Does those babies doesn't look chubby till 6 months.... Is it true..Because my baby is 3 months old she was born very chubby with 3kgs n now she is 5.67kg.. She losed weight after 3-4 days of her birth.. till a month..she looked very thin..but after crossing a month she started gaining weight. When she was 2 months old n now she is almost 3.5 months .. but physically she looks same.. I mean at d age of 2 mnths n now 3.5 mnths her personality looks same..All my elders are saying dat at d age of 3 months baby should b physically good ..I'm very much worried.. My baby got 16 level of jaundice at birth time.. So what might be the reason for dis I mean why my baby is physically not good.. ??

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Answer: The growth in weight and height is directly linked to birth weight and birth height. So a small 2.7 kg baby will not suddenly become same as 3.5 kg baby at the age of 1 year. The birth weight and height depend on many factors inc uding genetics.These percentages are not likes grades in school. So, higher the better does not work here.Overall growth over a period of time is more important than weight at a particular time. And don't worry mommy your LO's weight is absolutely normal. Don't be panicked think logically and don't give too much importance to this type of conversation. If u have any queries related to your baby's health consult with your pediatrician as they can guide you better
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