17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If anyone does not take any folic acid tables first trimester,what coud be the effect on baby?

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Answer: Folic acid is a very important thing that u must have taken...why didnt u take it.. but now what to say....well it is also said,if u r taking proper nutritional diet,then everything is okk...but from now take iron calcium regularly..no bahana haa
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Question: After the first trimester, does folic acid and progesterone tablet not necessary???
Answer: What ever tablt is recommnd by doctr take it...its for ur babies health.
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Question: What happened if folic acid tablets not taken in first trimester?
Answer: Folic acid tablets are essenssial from the day one of the pregnancy it plays very imp role in the growth of the embryo so pls domt neglect the tabs and the doctor goes on changes the tablets as per ur months increasing starting she gives zincovit and folic acid then iron and folic acid and then calcium and folic acid like wise when ever ur baby need that susbtitute she gives it Like in the 5thmonth skin and organs development and after 7th month bones development so as u take the food with that u must take the tabs
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Question: What happens if i miss a dose of folic acid during first trimester
Answer: Folic acid is very important throughout ur pregnancy especially in first trimester.. Folic is good for u and ur baby. It'll prevent birth defects of the baby.. consuming folic acid is important so don't skip ur folic acid intake
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