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Question: If any one had miscarriage previously if yes after how many months u become pregnant again is it possible to become a pregnant after miscarriage only once I had periods is there a chance of being pregnant this month

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Answer: Hello dear Actually it is little difficult to say because some doctors are telling to try as soon as possible while some doctors are telling to wait till 3 months. Typically, sex is not recommended for two weeks after a miscarriage to prevent an infection. Talk to doctor about any recommendations or restrictions. Your period will likely return within six weeks; however, it's possible to become pregnant if you have sex before your period returns
Answer: , yeah dear off course . I had miscarriages 2 times 😥. But now m 8 months of pregnant 😊. Wish u all the best tc .
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Question: Hie do any one had a miscarriage previously if yes plz letme know after miscarriage how many times did you get periods
Answer: Hello dear, After 4–6 weeks of experiencing a miscarriage, the next period can be expected, which could have a heavier period than usual. It can also be possible to conceive again during this period. If the woman does not experience any periods for 6 weeks, a pregnancy test can be taken to confirm.
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Question: After c section ,am not getting periods, is there any chance of being pregnant again
Answer: No problems, you will get periods after 5-7months of C section..
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Question: Is there is a chance of being pregnant after a miscarriage before a month January 1st had a miscarriage from Jan 15 to we had intercourse is there a chance of being pregnant is it safe if I become pregnant now
Answer: After miscarriage chances of pregnancy is getting high try to intimated and soon u will get good news bcoz 1st baby mis hone k baad god will also give u second good news my sister has 8 month baby miscarriage and after a month she will again pregnant and now her 9. Mnth so try and hope u will be mom soon again
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