11 months old baby

Question: If a seven months baby hav a large head...is it normal???

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Answer: Hi dear Do you give your baby calcium drops. In case the calcium is less babies head become larger than the rest. Other than that if in case it's too big you must consult your doc for better assessment
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Question: Is it normal for a 5 months baby to poo green color?
Answer: Yes it is completely normal that baby do green potty. Green and yellow are normal one. So dont worry
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Question: My baby has no teeth at 8 and a half months? Is it normal?
Answer: Nothing to worry abht if teething doses not start every baby s diffrent their growth nd devlopment s diffrent done bsbies teething starts in 7 or 8 months while some babies teething starts in 12 to 16 months too .so till 18 months dont worry about teething.. give homepathic medicine calcaria phos too its hekoful in teething try it
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Question: Is it normal if the baby have a cord around the neck ?
Answer: yes it's normal. Happens due to activities of baby.It might unwrap by itself later. You should count the number of baby movements and kicks if cord is wrapped.and, if count is less than 10 per day then consult with doc.
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