10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If 1st delivery is ceaserean then 2nd child deliver can be normal??

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Answer: Very less chance
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Question: if 1st baby is cesearion than 2nd baby can be normal delivery or not???
Answer: Hi, no it's not necessary. But since due to csec the muscles are not that strong to push the baby it is difficult to go in for a normal delivery and that's why it is advices to have a csec only for the second delivery also.
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Question: can second delivery be normal if 1st is cesarian
Answer: Only if dr is enuf gap between ur first n 2nd child u can giv normal delivery a chance. However sometimes, women who need c-sections in 1st delivery need it because their pelvis is too small or because they have issues with their uterus. If that is your case, you 2nd child will also b thru csec. Also if you choose to go through with the normal delivery, know that the scar on your uterus could come apart during labor and you could start bleeding. This is called a uterine rupture. If your uterus ruptures, dr r chances of infant death....so both u n ur doc weigh up all d risks n den decide basis ur medical health...
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Question: If 1st delivery is c.section then how many chances of normal 2nd delivery?
Answer: Chances are less, as doctors dont take risk because of prior c. Section
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