15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam 14 weeks pregnant , emotionaly upset always , in tremmennndouP

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Answer: It happens due to hormonal imbalance during pregnancy.. Try to be calm...do meditation and yoga it will help
Answer: It's call mood swing dear.. Dont wory aisa hota hai.. Aap acha acha music suno..
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Question: Hi am 14 week pregnant i am always crying and upset why
Answer: Hie No it won't but it would definitely effect your health and then you won't be able to take care of yourself and eventually it would then effect the baby So why be sad,stress or stay angry when you are bringing a human to life who may look much like you Well you also need to understand that due to rapid hormonal changes happening in your body you are more prone to emotional situation and experience mood swings Your adorable baby just imagine about him you want him to feel the happiness and not the saddness There are many reasons to be sad in life but God gave you the best reason to smile Besides you are responsible for your own happiness Take charge do what it needs Go for shopping Visit your parents Have a cheat fancy dinner Have a spa date go for a relaxing champi or hand and foot massage Go for a staycation or a vacation Do what it needs to keep yourself happy As if your are happy only then can you make others happy
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Question: Iam 40 weeks pregnant wat ever i eat my stomach is getting upset ,remedy plz,
Answer: Hello dear, loose motion in last time means your delivery is near. You should avoid to take roti. Mung dal ki khichari with curd will help to prevent loose motion. Foods that are rich in soluble fiber like oats, carrots, apple and bananas good during this time. You must take light-foods. Avoid milk in your tea time, you can take lemon tea also for good result. Add some liquids like watermelon, juice, coconut water, soup, lemon water,soup etc. in your diet. Try to take more rest. Hope it helped ,Take care urself...
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Question: Iam 14 weeks pregnant..can i do exercise?
Answer: Hi dear, normal exercise is completely fine but don't exhaust your self and do light exercises. Like walking, swimming or yoga
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