7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: IAM 7 weeks pregnant 5 days ago I have seen little spotting hence I advised my doctor regarding this she advised me to take progesterone sustained release soft gelatin capsules, 200 mg- ibigest Sr so is it ok to take or not

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Answer: if your doctor prescribed you then of course you should take.
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Question: Vaginal progesterone soft gelatin capsules susten 300. Doctor suggested to take until 12 week to vaginal use. Now I am 7 week. I am not compartel to use to vaginal. Pls suggest me
Answer: Hi dear u need to practice and have to . It will keep ur pregnancy safe and avoid any harmonal disbalance. Just remember u have to try ur best to put it as yes it is quite uncomfortable to do but to save ur miscarriage this little discomfort is fine dere r so many moms who do it.u r not alone dear. I will suggest u to get connected with chat group of healofy to the moms who r in ur pregnancy months. Discuss and share. U will feel good i m sure.
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Question: Doctor refer me to take gestmate 200 (soft gelatin capsules) insert in urinal area i don't know for what purpose is this used for
Answer: Hi! Gestamate 200 is a progesterone hormone supplement. Progesterone is given to sustain a Pregnancy in case the doctor feels that there may be a threat to the embryo. Progesterone is vital for the viability of pregnancy during the first trimester after which the placenta takes over to maintain the pregnancy. Progesterone oral pill or vaginal suppositories are most often prescribed to maintain a pregnancy. Good luck!
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Question: doctors pls help me...progesterone soft gelatin capsules vaginal insert given to me...200 gm tablet morning and night..I'm 6 week pregnant.. shall i use this??
Answer: yes,sure if doctor suggested you u must take it, it has been given to maintain the progesterone hormones which prevents from miscarriage...
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