15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam 14 weeks pregnant..can i do exercise?

Answer: Hi dear, normal exercise is completely fine but don't exhaust your self and do light exercises. Like walking, swimming or yoga
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Question: Hi m in 14 weeks pregnant. So what kind of exercise can do?
Answer: Hi! Walking is said to be the best and safe in the lot, however there are various other exercises , yoga and breathing exercises are safe too when its done with caution and under supervision as the wrong technique or posture may harm you. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello,i am 14 weeks pregnant which exercise or yoga should I do?please suggest.
Answer: Hello dear, Yoga in pregnancy will be very helpful for smooth and safe delivery.. it can also increase flexibility, and increases stamina both physically and mentally. But before doing these asanas, it is essential to take advice from yoga instructor, Few poses that helps in pregnancy are Pranayam.....It is a best breathing exercise, do it regularly , it will helps you lot in pregnancy. Tadasana - a mountain pose... It is good to do this Asana in pregnancy, it will strengthen the spine and releives back pain too... Trikona Asana  - triangle pose This triangle pose will helps in reducing digestive problems caused during pregnancy, it will also helps in labour... Utkasana - chair pose The chair pose will helps in strengthening of pelvic and cervix muscles.. Konasama - angle pose It helps in strengthening hips, it also control widening of hips Hope it helped Take care urself...
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Question: Can i do skipping exercise when iam trying to get pregnant
Answer: Hii dear surely u can do but do make sure not exert urself much. After pregnancy do get suggestion from doctor for the exercises.
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