26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam 25 weeks pregnant. After having a long journey i found a tiny blood spot on my undergarment. Lateron i have discharge not purely white. Is there any problem

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Answer: Check with ur gynecologist..
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Question: Iam 26 week pregnant...i found blood on stool...is there any problem?
Answer: Hi.. It happens sometimes, during this trimester, it is normal. But, still keep your gynaecologist informed about it.
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Question: Iam 20 weeks pregnant, Iam having brown - blackish discharge after having sex, is there any problem, please tell me.
Answer: This can happen after sex.. Bt you can go to your Dr.
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Question: I found white discharge its there any problem
Answer: White discharge Hello dear..white discharge during pregnancy is normal ,it is known as leukorrhea in pregnancy,it is usually thin,white,and mild smelling,it happen due to the production of estrogen,and blood flow increases around the vagina,if your discharge is mild yellow or green,with foul smell,it can be due to any infection,so it is essential to seek doctors advice
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