14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam 15 weeks of pregnant.Can i feel the heart-beat of the baby.

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Answer: Hii our baby’s heart begins to form approximately three weeks after conception. Starting from the fourth week, your baby’s heartbeat can be detected transvaginally. Starting from 12th week your doctor can detect a baby’s heart beating via a Doppler device, It's  physically impossible to feel your baby’s heartbeat without the use of an outside device – your baby’s heart is a tiny organ buried inside its own body, then covered by layers of amniotic fluid, amniotic sac, uterus, muscle and skin. If you can feel a regular beat, it’s much more likely that It’s your own heartbeat.It’s baby kicks or hiccups.If you have an anterior placenta, you may be able to feel the placental beat, in rare cases.
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Question: Hi I am 15 weeks pregnant. When can I feel heart beat of my baby??
Answer: Hi.. Dear by now you should have asked, your gynaecologist to make you hear your baby's heart beat.. You can hear it while your sonography is performed..
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Question: Haii..i am 15 weeks pregnant and can i hear the heart beat of baby
Answer: Hello dear It’s physically impossible to feel your baby’s heartbeat without the use of an outside device. It is possible to detect baby's heatbeat only after 12th week by the device known as doppler.
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Question: Iam 7 weeks pregnant mom suddenly i feel like my heart beat fast? What is the reason for that
Answer: In this time it is common for anxiety, mood swings etc. Just relax. Sleep. Or divert it to whatvu like to do . nothing to worry. If u worry anxiety increases. Relax dear
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