38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam 37 weeks now. And my dr recommented candid v3 tablet. Iam using this first time and i inserted the tablet using my fingers in to the vagina last night. In morning i just checked and the tablet was not dissolved till yet. What to do is it normal. Or did i inserted it wrongly? Pls someone help...

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Answer: Hey dear... You might have inserted it superficially... today try to push it in slightly deeper than yesterday. Don't worry...🤗
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    shahanas km665 days ago

    Do i need to throw out the tablet that inserted yesterday?

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    P C664 days ago

    Insert it with the insertion stick that comes with it and not with fingers. Insert it as far as u can like around three forth of the stick should go inside. My doc told to insert at night.It's ok if the tablet comes out in the morning

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