36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam 34 week pregnant, yesterday suddenly i felt my water broke and even around one liter water came out. We went to visit the doctor, after check up doctor says there is still time for delivery. Let me know is it affect the baby. Now any precaution are required?

Answer: Hi Dear If you hv alrdy visited the Dr. and he has alrdy checked it ans said not to worry, pls dont worry and take bed rest and follow Dr. s instruction it will help.. Please continue to have; lots of fluids- tender coconut/buttermilk Cucumber/bottle gourd/ bed rest - all these help in afi increase. Your Doctor may prescribe soms sachet to have with water, please be happy, stress is not going to help. Good luck!
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    Surbhi Darji118 days ago

    Dr has prescribed L argginine sachets since one week and told to continue it.

Answer: Dear if the gynae has already checked it and said nothing to worry then relax everything will be fine. No precautions required. You just need to keep eating healthy and stay hydrated. Hope it helps.
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