7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam 6 week pregnant , My blood results showing ESR- 24 .any problems? Plz reply

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Question: Iam having little bleeding it's any problems doctor
Answer: Dear if u r pregnant nd bleeding has startrd consult to ur dr nd go 4 scan nd take medicines as ur dr suggest u, take rest ,aboid sex ,avoid carry heavy things too take care.
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Question: I am not gain weight 17 week pregnant any problems
Answer: It happens in early few months of pregnancy but after your 20th week you will able to gain weight
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Question: 24 week pregnant my body in temp 99 is there any ramedy. To get body temp normal
Answer: You should apply cold water pattiya over your forehead . Take more liquid like juice dhai lassi shake . You should not take any medicine without doctor consultation .
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