32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: iam 31 week pregnant my baby had started to move slowly that's why iam not able to feel it till I put my hands on my stomach..is it ok?? coz of fear I got to doctor he said ur fluid is less compared to wat it should be and he is suggesting of sonography n all ......wat should I do now?? anyone has gone through this situation?? should I change my doctor??

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Answer: I think a scan give more answers..before u plan to visit any other doc get a scan done ..see the fetal heartbeat, grwoth n movements during the scan...that information might help u ease out ur worry.. n it will also tell if the fluid s really less n so if the doc s right please inc ur water intake..
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Question: I am 31 weeks pregnant, my hb count is 8.8 doctor advised me to put trip for 4 days. Is it necessary to put trip or i can increase through any other methods. Kindly advise me
Answer: hi dear! so dear iv iron drip is done so that the iron is reached directly the blood dear and better than taking oral iron tablets dear . as it gives you immediate results dear and it is very important that your blood parameters stay normal at this time of the pregnancy dear. dont worry just take the iv drip and everything will be fine dear. take care dear!
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Question: Hi I am 31 week pregnant .Iam feeling less number of kicks compared to previous month.sometimes no kick for long time.Is there any problem.Should I consult doctor
Answer: Yes, please consult your doctor , she may ask you to take a CTG. I too had the same feeling. In my case it was due to a change in position of the baby. If the baby in the womb is facing u then u will feel less movements. Do not take any risk ask your doctor and get the doubt cleared. Prevention is better than cure. Stay safe, stay happy.
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Question: My baby is vomiting coz of indigestion he is not even taking breast milk ..so wat should i do to prevent dehydration..any remedy to stop vomiting
Answer: Hello dear Mild dehydration can be cured easily by giving ur baby more water. U can also give fruit juices, soft drinks, milk, soups etc.to gain fluid
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Question: Hi doctor... m in my 20week pregnancy... n nw doctar changed my tablet instant of folic acid they give me iron n calcium tablets n coz of tat my bowl color change to black.... is it normal or wat
Answer: Yes, iron changes stool colour to black.its normal
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