31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam 30 week 2days pregnant lady.BPD32week HC32week afc30week fl30week is it normal

Answer: Yes. Difference between parameters up to 2 weeks in normal range.
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Question: Iam 2nd month pregnant.. Iam having loose motions from 2days..is it normal during pregnancy?
Answer: Hie It happens due to change in diet and all the hormonal changes happening Following are the remedies for loose motions . Follow a BRAT diet Banana ,rice,apple and toast These food help treating  loose motion. And firm's stool . Avoid oily and spicy food and increase your fluid intake so that you keep yourself well hydrated. Drink oral rehydration solutions to replace lost electrolytes . Have ginger black tea with honey it should help you with lose motions as well. Have lemon water or peppermint tea both will help heal the stomach from within Have light meal like khichdi,dahi chawal, yogurt helps a lot in loose motion If it last more than a day consult your gynaclogist for pregnancy safe medicine for loose motion
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Question: Iam 30 week pregnant I have white discharge daily is it normal??
Answer: Hi! White discharge is normal during pregnancy and around 30 weeks of gestation. However foul smell or a little yellowish or greenish discharge can be infection and it needs Doctors intervention. Good luck!
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Question: Hi..iam 30 week pregnant..my cervix length 3 cm..is it normal..
Answer: Hello The cervical length is 4 to 5 cms it gets shorter as ur pregnancy progresses. The average cervical 3.5cm. When the cervical length decreases below 2.2cm women face about 20 percent chances of having preterm labour. The lower the cervical length goes higher are the chances of having preterm labour.
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