17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam 16 week pregnant dr told my uterus little open and put stich how much I should take rest now iam in complete bed rest

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Answer: Hi dear yes u should stay complete on bed rest and avoid anything spicy or oily. So that u will not have any digestion issue. Make sure to maintain proper hygiene and don't work at all to have a healthy pregnancy
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Question: Iam 16 week pregnant and I have put stich iam on rest how much I continue this
Answer: Hi dear do take rest and don't work at all. Do follow doctor advised medicine . Otherwise stitches can be affected.
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Question: Hii...my dr told me to take complete bed rest during my 6th month of pregnancy due short cervical length of 2.9 cm..now iam 31weeks pregnent..how long i should continue this bed rest?
Answer: hi dear! HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY ! you should continue the bed rest for the time until you deliver dear. as the pregnancy increases the cervical length decreases so that your body is preparing fro the delivery to take place and since you already have the cervical length short we should be more careful . so better is bed rest dear. take care dear. i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: Hello dr. I m 15 weeks pregnant and gone through cervix stich should i bed rest ?
Answer: Immediately after the procedure, you may experience light bleeding and mild cramping, which should stop after a few days. This may be followed by an increased thick vaginal discharge, which may continue for the remainder of the pregnancy. You may receive medication to prevent infection or preterm labor. Some precautions:- Constipation: Do not try to push the bowel movement out if it is too hard. High-fiber foods, extra liquids, and regular exercise can help you prevent constipation. Examples of high-fiber foods are fruit and bran. Prune juice and water are good liquids to drink. Regular exercise helps your digestive system work. You may also be told to take over-the-counter fiber and stool softener medicines. Take these items as directed. Rest: You may need to rest in bed while lying on your left side most of the time. Avoid heavy work to prevent premature labor or delivery. Vaginal or wound care: When you are allowed to bathe or shower, carefully wash the incisions (cuts) and your vagina with soap and water. Afterwards, put on clean, new bandages or a sanitary pad. Change your bandages or pad any time it gets wet or dirty. Avoid placing anything inside your vagina, such as a douche or tampon. Ask your caregivers for more information about vaginal and wound care. CONTACT A CAREGIVER IF: You have a fever. You have chills, a cough, or feel weak and achy. You have nausea (upset stomach) or vomiting (throwing up). Your bandage becomes soaked with blood. Your skin is itchy, swollen, or has a rash. You have questions or concerns about your surgery, condition, or care. SEEK CARE IMMEDIATELY IF: You feel something is bulging out into your vagina. You have clear fluid coming from your vagina. You have lower abdominal or back pain that comes and goes like labor pains. You have pus or a foul-smelling odor coming from your vagina. You have regular contractions. You have trouble passing urine. You have vaginal bleeding. Hope this information helps.
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Question: My cervical length is 3.1 Dr. Suggested me to do stiching I did and told to take complete bed rest. Is there is chance for premature baby and also told opening mouth of uterus is week.
Answer: Nothing to worry.. it doesn't affect the baby growth.. don't bother.. and take bedrest and eat healthy food..
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