17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam 16 week pregnant and I have put stich iam on rest how much I continue this

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Answer: Hi dear do take rest and don't work at all. Do follow doctor advised medicine . Otherwise stitches can be affected.
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Question: Iam 16 week pregnant dr told my uterus little open and put stich how much I should take rest now iam in complete bed rest
Answer: Hi dear yes u should stay complete on bed rest and avoid anything spicy or oily. So that u will not have any digestion issue. Make sure to maintain proper hygiene and don't work at all to have a healthy pregnancy
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Question: Iam 15 weeks pregnant. Cervic length 3. 1. Put stich. Do I have any problem due to this?
Answer: Hello, Dear with low cervix length it's important to get the stitches done otherwise there can be some complications. but after the stitches there is no complication all you have to do is just 2 weeks proper bed rest and after that for few weeks all you have to do is take some rest and don't bend over or lift any heavy thing or put any kind of pressure on your body it will be all fine and you can enjoy a healthy pregnancy..
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Question: I have put cervical stich 2 weeks before now iam having stomach pain
Answer: Hi dear cervical stitch should not cause any stomach pain because cervical stitches are given to protect the baby of premature birth and the stomach or abdominal pain that you are facing I think it is due to the abdominal stretching which is very normal during this time of pregnancy because your uterus tends to grow more so that it can accommodate the growing baby as well and that is why the stretches happened and the abdomen pains.. Hope this helps!
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