34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam 34 week pregnant.. And from past 3 days am suffering from constipation.. My baby movements are normal and also I don't have any other difficulties.. But is this is normal or should I visit my doctor?

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Answer: Hllo dear Consiption s a common problem after delvry . as well as in pregnancy.. try these remedies.. Take plenty of water.... juices ...coconut water..buttermilk Go 4 walk daily for 30 min. daily.. Take papaya daily.. but it should be fully ripe....and first consult ur gyno nd then take ..every pregnancy s diffrent... Take warmmilk before bed time...Take green tea and lemon tea...Having a few raisins every day is good for your stomach. Raisins contain fibres that start to swell in the presence of water. These give a laxative effect to the stomach and help in relieving constipation.u can try gauava as well as custard apple (sitaphal ) also its also helpful u can try sesame seeds too its also helpful in constipation .try it
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Question: My 10 months baby is pooping 4 times a day is this normal or should I visit a doctor...and also she don't have any teeth yet
Answer: Hello dear If ur baby is pooping 4 times a day, it means ur baby is having digestion problem. A home remedy that I always use whevever my baby had digestion issues. Take a lemon put black salt in it and use toothpick to put it inside the lemon now put the lemon on a spoon and heat it till the black salt melts and goes inside the lemon. Now take it off the flame. Make ur child lick it. Trust me it works.
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Question: Hi, Oct 1st is my delivery date i don't feel any other symptoms but tiredness is there n also i de feel baby movements are less.. is it normal or should i go to doctor.
Answer: Is ur last scan completed, baby movements 'll b less becz as growth of baby increase there is less space to move so u feel less movements,do walking and take proper diet if no other complications don't feel worry all d best
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Question: My baby is 34 days old she is suffering from cold and cough from past 3 days i already consulted pediatrician but it is not curing plz help
Answer: Babies are highly sensitive and need more care and protection. It is best to avoid medicines during this time unless there is no other option. Here are few tips that can help you; Place a humidifier in the room so that it is easier for the child to breathe. It helps to keep the room moist and prevent the formation of crusty mucus in your baby’s nose. You can also try giving light steam to your baby. Inhaling steam helps to clear nasal blockage and makes the baby sleep better but isn’t so easy to make a baby inhale steam. You can also use your bathroom as a steam room. Turn on the geyser and once the water is hot, turn on the tap and keep the door closed. Sit with your baby in the bathroom for at least 10-15 minutes. Just tie 7 garlic pods in a small piece of cloth and tie them around the baby’s neck at night. Massage your baby’s chest with lukewarm mustard oil mixed with garlic cloves. Babies love to be massaged and massaging with this oil provides warmth to your baby’s body. Applying saffron paste on the baby’s forehead can help to relieve a blocked nose. To prepare saffron paste, just take a pinch of saffron, grind it, add a few drops of water and apply this paste on your baby’s forehead, chest, throat and under the feet before going to bed. Carom seeds or ajwain can be heated and tied in a clean fresh cotton handkerchief like a potli. Now use this potli as a hot compress on your baby’s chest and back. This potli can also be kept in the sleeping bag or near the head of your baby so he gets the smell throughout the night. You can also add garlic peels to this as garlic has a strong aroma and will help to clear the nasal passages.
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