32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: iam 31 week prengnant, is there any complication if i happen to deliver

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Answer: At 31weeks risk to baby is high...From 33 to 37 weeks, the baby should be fine, but it would have to stay at the hospital a bit to finish developing its immune system and putting on a tad bit more weight, unless there are health problems.
Answer: Hii plz define your issue. I think this question is incomplete.
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Question: Iam 35 week of pregnant.my placenta is posterior.is there any problem for normal deliver if the placenta is posterior
Answer: Hi dear. posterior Placenta is a very normal situation it will not create any kind of problem in your pregnancy delivery so just relax there is not any kind of complication in this placental position , this position is totally normal .
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Question: Iam 31 week pregnent. I have only 47 kg. Iam worry about it. If any problem???
Answer: Hi,nothing to worry.it depends on your weight when you got pregnant because you should gain about 1.5-2 kg of weight every month. So accordingly you can calculate your weight.
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Question: There is any complication if baby is in breach position?
Answer: Hello! At 23 weeks baby in breech is nothing to be worried about. The position keeps on changing now. It is only after 32 weeks that the baby gets its position fixed. Hence don't worry about it. Take care
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Question: Iam 24 week pregnant. I am getting warts in my vaginal area.. is there any complication in that
Answer: Warts won't be an issue during delivery time. But if it's a botheration you can consult doctor and find out what can be done
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