33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam suffering from low amniotic fluid. Dr recommented vitargin tablet once in daily...do i need to take the sachet powder available in medical store for increasing fluid level for best result....pls anyone help....is it harmful ?

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Answer: Hi! Pls go by Dr.s prescription becz every medication has a reason, please have a healthy diet lots of fruits, veggies, milk, curd, cheese, legumes, pulses, sprouts, soybean, peas and beans, chicken, fish, eggs, carrot, sweet potato, nuts, whole grain cereal etc. take rest. Keep yourself active. Discuss with the Doctor if he wants to prescribe any supplements for the weight gain of the baby. Be positive and good luck!
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Question: My amniotic fluid is low....do i need to take rest for increasing fluid level?
Answer: Usually rest is recommended by doctors.. Though it is more important when u have leakage.. But increase in fluids is a must.. Mine had gone low too.. Was asked by NY gynaecology to drink 3-4litres of water and take an L-arginine sachet thrice a day.. It helped..
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Question: Hello mam , my amniotic fluid level is marginally reduced (12) , is it harmful to my baby in upcoming days..? Doctor told me dat it is ok , need to take argicare sachet everyday , plz suggest me something , i'm worried
Answer: Hi of its 12 its nothing to be worried as normal afi ranges from 8 to 20 cm. So to maintain afi level have atleast 2-3 ltr of water daily. Include as much as water source you can. Like coconut water, daal, fruits which are have high water content etc.
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Question: Iam 32 weeks pregnant. Dr said amniotic fluid is low. Iam trying to drink enough water all time. But no change.... Is that doing household work will affect the fluid level.do i need to take rest too with drinking water for increasing amniotic fluid?
Answer: Take argipreg sachet daily ... available in market.....u ll recover your fluid very soon ....i hd same problm in my 5 th month
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Question: Am in my 36th week, my scan reports say that i have amniotic fluid index of 11.. is it normal or i need to take any extra precautions for increasing the water level??
Answer: Hi dear ,with advancement of pregnancy normaly amniotic fluid level decreases. In 36 weeks of pregnancy amniotic fluid index 8 to 14 considered normal. So you no need to worry your wonderful level is absolutely normal but you should drink plenty amount of liquids in form of water, coconut water, fruit juices, milkshakes, to keep your body well hydrated to maintain the level and take rest. Hope it helps.
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