15 weeks pregnant mother

Iam steffy.iam 14weeks 3days.but dnt feel tummy showing.whn do i expect???

Dont worry dear. The belly will start showing after 5 months. Not everyone has big belly. It will depend on the body structure also. But the baby will be healthy
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Question: I can feel my tummy slightly lower down..When i can expect delivery ??
Answer: This is normal sign during this week. Your baby's head started to get fixed into the pelvis. U r nearing Ur delivery date. There are chances for your delivery from this 37th week to 40th week. U can go do to doctor wen u get leaking of water or bleeding or in case contractions. Good luck
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Question: Hi iam 14weeks pregnant but I don't have any symptoms iam totally normal is it fine
Answer: Hi! Every pregnancy is different and so are the symptoms, its not necessary to face the same challenges during pregnancy, count your blessing that you are not feeling nauseated or vomiting. Its good there is nothing to be worried about. Enjoy your days and good luck!
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Question: I dnt feel like hungry wat to do..
Answer: It is common in pregnancy,if ur not willing to take food means take it in intervals instead of having 3 big meals it is imp for growing baby to grow weight and healthy baby Good luck
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