24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam six months of pregnancy.my last mensus date is 19.01.18.what is my delivery date?

2 Answers
Answer: October 26 you have 16 week 6 days left
Answer: 25oct
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Question: My last mensus date was January 17....when will be my delivery date
Answer: Hi dear, Right now you are 5 weeks pregnant.due date is calculated by adding 280 days or 40 weeks to the first day of last menstrul period.so ,your due date would be 24 October,2019.
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Question: I have sugar & my last mensus date is 19.01.18.
Answer: Hi, you are in your 6 the month of pregnancy. As you mentioned you have sugar. I am sure you must be taking some medication for the same. It is very important to maintain the glucose levels during pregnancy. Avoid sweet foods and foddstv that are starchy. The regular checks on the level of sugar. Take care.
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Question: My last Mensus date is 15nov.now I have too much back pain what is the reason.
Answer: Hi dear, It is difficult to assess the reason of your back pain at this stage.it could be early pregnancy symptom too.but you need to check it tomorrow if you miss your period.early pregnancy hormones could be responsible for such back pain,but it could also be premenstrual symptoms.
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