28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam seventh month pregnant as it is summer can i have fruit juices and ice creams what kind of juices can i take?.....

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Answer: Hello dear. During pregnancy you need to avoid grapes, pineapple and papaya. Apart from these all seasonal feuits can be consumed and juices as well. Hope it helps.
Answer: Dont take much juices its not good for health. Eat fresh friuts. Dont go for icecreams.
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Question: I'm 13 weeks pregnant can i eat ice creams and juices
Answer: Hii dear surely u can have but make sure to get a good quality once and don't take it frequently as it has high level of sugar.once in a while is fine. U can prefer home made ice cream and freshly made juice which is more healthier option
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Question: I' m 13 week pregnat can i eat ice creams and juices
Answer: Hello dear Ice creams made from pasteurized milk are absolutely safe and you can enjoy them without any concern. Yes dear U can have juices in pregnancy but dont have packed juices. Always prefer to have fresh fruit juices.
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Question: Can I take fruit juices in this time.... I have one week baby.... If I take fruit juices,, which type of fruit juices can I take?
Answer: Yes u take fruits juices like pomegranate and apple..but don't take citrus fruits juices..
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