11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: iam 9week 4days pregnant can i eat Maggie

2 Answers
Answer: yes, but jda nhi
Answer: yes, bt thora
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Question: Iam 17 th week pregnant can I eat maggie
Answer: Hello dear.. No,it is advisable to avoid Maggie in pregnancy ,is made up of maida,which is not good for health,may cause Indigestion, and it also has enhancers and preservatives,to enhance its taste,so it is better to avoid Maggie during this period.
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Question: Am 9week pregnant can I eat mutton
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can have mutton. However, avoid eatting raw or undercooked meats while you're pregnant. Make sure that all meat is well cooked. This is because the risk of food poisoning is higher in pregnant women. Take care.
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Question: Can i eat Maggie.7week pregnant
Answer: Once in a while wont do any harm but avoid having it much as it contains MSG (monosodium glutamate) which is harmful in pregnancy, may be not for the mother but for the baby.
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