37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam not getting baby movement..but fetal heart rate and scan reports are normal..what will be the reason??

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Answer: Hi dear being in 37 th week it's not possible that you are not feeling movements at all. More or less is normal in case of more fat in body or high afi level. But no movements at all is not possible. Did your doctor said anything in that ????
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    Shamna Naqqash970 days ago

    Reports are normal...movements are seen in ultrasound

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Question: I'm 7 months pregnant... now my baby's heart rate is 130 bpm. But in previous scan reports my baby's heart rate is 161 bpm... what is the reason to decrease my baby's heart rate? I'm very worried.. is not normal?
Answer: Hi. Dont be worried dear these are very common thing . Babies heart beat can range from 120bpm to 180 bpm. So any number in between these are normal. Good luck.
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Question: What should be the fetal heart rate in 13 weeks
Answer: Fetal heat rate should be more than 120. In case of healthy n very active babies heart rate goes more than 140
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Question: What should be the fetal heart rate now ?
Answer: Hello dear.. fetal heart rate should be between 110 and 150 beats per minute
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