22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam 5 mnths preg.... My 6th mnth is about to start... Iam feeling bubble type feeling in my lower abdomen smtimes... Is it normal

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Answer: Yes it is. Baby movements known as fluttering.
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Question: Hi iam in my 19 weeks pregnancy from yesterday night iam feeling pain in my lower abdomen is it normal iam little worried please ans
Answer: Hi. Abdominal pain is common during starting pregnancy as your body goes through some physical changes in process to carry your baby. Some women may see bleeding with mild cramps as embroy implants its self into the wall of womb. You may experience sharp pain due to the cramping that occurs from the uterus expanding. Gas and Bloating. Constipation occur during second trimester and can cause a sharp pain in the abdomen on either or both sides.
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Question: i m feeling bubble type in my lower abdomen is it movement or kick of baby
Answer: It could be movement it could be due to gas. Its very hard to tell. Focus more and observe the feeling closely. If it continues and happen at several intervals then definitely it's your baby’s movement. Congratulations! !!!
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Question: Feeling pain in lower abdomen like periods type .Is it normal?
Answer: It could be start of Labour pain or it may be false pain as well. Wait and observe, if pain increases then for sure its Labour pain. You can also take cyclopam and see if pain goes away its false pain otherwise its Labour.
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