5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam in 4th week pregnancy &Iam suffering with lower abdomen pain frequently. Is there any problem?

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Answer: It's normal don't fear, stomach pain can often occurs in first trimester.
Answer: Consult your doctor as normally many of the women have pain
Answer: Thank u mam
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Question: Iam having little lower abdomen cramps sometimes .Is there any problem with it.
Answer: Hi,this is normal don't worry.tbis is because there are so many body parts shifting and the uterus is expanding.and so this can cause pain and cramps..don't worry. You should not bend or stand or walk for too long Take some rest ,you will feel better
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Question: There is slight pain in lower abdomen below belly is there any problem plz tell
Answer: Hi I guess lower abdomen pain is common during pregnancy Especially as your pregnancy progresses because as the baby grows the muscles throughout your abdomen are stretching all this moving and stretching often causes slight pain or discomfort
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Question: is there any pain in lower abdomen
Answer: Hey yes I most of the time used to feel mild pain in lower abdomen too..quite common in initial stages...my doctor said it is normal and happens due to uterus expansion.hope it helps.
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