30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam getting fear about my delivery

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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. Normal delivery is best because it has no complications after delivery. Pains are more it's little tough to manage but if you take some preparations it becomes bearable. Take glucose water and fill ice trays with it.Store ice cubes in freezer. Put these cubes in mouth and keep swallowing trust me it gives you lot of strength,in my delivery it helped a lot.Dont worry. All will be good. Take care
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Question: m getting very negative thoughts about delivery thing.. how can i fight this fear.
Answer: Hi. Divert your mind from this thing. Read good books it will give you knowledge and correct knowledge will give you right perspective dear. Also meditate, thunk positive thing, think about baby.
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Question: Hi can anyone say about normal delivery for me getting fear 😥
Answer: Nothing to be worried about. Women has the ability to bear the pain. Once delivery will be done and you will see your baby you are going to forget all pain. I can tell you sone tips which has helped me. If there are no complications in your pregnancy then you should Walk 60 min in morning and 60 in in evening. Once you complete 37 week do sit up and duck walk daily. From 9th month onwards i used to eat 7 dates daily as it's said that dates provide strength and reduces labor duration. (but being nipoha virus not sure if eating dates now will be safe or not) Practice some breathing techniques which will help during pain. (you can google them) Do not worry dear its just a phase which will pass away and you will meet your baby. I was scared same way but God gave strength to women to bear this pain also. All the best.. Hope to hear gud news from you..
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Question: Mam iam six months pregnant sometimes i had some fear about delivery this is my first delivery
Answer: It can happened bcz of hormonal changes some time u feel very strong nd some time u feel very low . Don't scared at any point. Just take care of ur self take proper rest . Eat well drink lots of liquid like water juices etc . Nd believe in ur self . Read it favourite book listen ur favourite music . Don't worry b happy . Ur joy of bundle came to ur life which makes u so happy . After ur baby arrived all worries r disappear automatically . So think about ur baby
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